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I.M. Good 10 Feb 2021

The "I am good" is not good enough for me. Of course I could express that I am doing well. I rather would like to consider a "We are good". If my wife, family, neighbours or company are not doing 'good', then I can't be indifferent. And as you already expect, actually ... I will be never good. For, so many others around me suffer. Jesus says: "only God is good."

Three Questions

1. What are we doing well? If everything is wrong, we can not live. There must be some good things in our midst. And we need to acknowledge that.
2. What is not going well? This question brings to our attention where we struggle. Before trying to solve anything, we simply need to acknowledge and accept some of those things.
3. What could we do to make work what is not working well? It is always interesting to hear more than one option. And the 'we' makes it so much more doable than the 'I'.

Once in a while we should give ourselves time to do some maintenance in our common business.


Jesus, with the 'our' Father, you taught us to pray in a 'we' form instead of 'I'. Bind us together in teams with a common 'business'. Come Holy Spirit. We need one another to become good.


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