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I.M. Glowing 9 Feb 2021

Electrical bulbs do not glow from themselves. They are however made to glow. To light them up you need electricity. When the electrical current stops, the fun is over. No more glow. No more light.
For a person it may require a smile to be considered as glowing.


A smile is a sign of happiness. What would cause my happiness? Some sunshine helps. Too much sunshine does not. Happiness requires a balance in my life. All extremes hinder my joy. All important lacking things do rob my joy as well. When I am hungry I do not feel happy, unless ... I sit on a table with nice foods.

What makes me glowing?

Love and trust in a good future. My glow may be ignited by art, music, kindness and things which I can enjoy. The last category is however temporary. The love of God, Millet and my trust in a good future are seldom interrupted. Too often I forget to smile.


Jesus Christ, you are the light of the world. Make us glowing. Give us faith in a meaningful future. Teach us how to trust you.

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