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I.M. Glamorous 8 Feb 2021

You can't just be glamorous from the nothing. You need to learn to dress well, to be kind and to shine in a profession where you will be seen by many.
All others like to meet you.


Actually, this 'being glamorous' would be an ideal type to evangelise, to make Jesus Christ known to the world. How easy would it be when many would like to meet me and talk to me about the miracles of Jesus. What is lacking?
There is little testimony of the miracles of Jesus. My character hardly radiates the love of Jesus. When I pray, I see few miracles. I would love to be more glamorous. I however can not conjure. I do not like fake. I am willing to be glamorous in the image of Jesus.

The Glamour of the Kingdom

I am invited to be humble. I want to be known for who I am in truth. Just from myself I am not glamorous.
God sees different. God the Father sees something more glorious in me. He sees Jesus Christ in me. For I am baptised and I seek to repent. One day I will share in the glory of my Saviour. I belong to him.


Father God, teach me how to make you known. Instruct me in spreading the good news. Teach me humility. I thank you for Jesus Christ.


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