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I.M. Giving 7 Feb 2021

Tithing means to give 10% of your income. The ancient Jews were supposed to give 10% of their income to the Levites and the temple. It is not really clear if it was practiced literally.
Of course, giving is not limited to money. With weddings and birthdays most guests like to bring a gift.


Our world has many needy people. It is impossible to help everyone. We only can help few. The poor people may have their pride. They may like to work for their income. To offer reasonable paid work to the poor is a very nice way to help them. It sounds easy. It is not. Actually local business should be able to provide in this need. Many poor areas are dominated by corruption and abuse of people in need.


The best thing we can give to the poor (and all other people) is a safe place. A safe place needs a regular income and opportunities to use the talents of the people as much as possible.

Normally a process of maturing and stabilizing goes in phases. To give a meaningful life to a person is not a matter of conjuring. It needs growth and opportunities to grow in smaller steps. Training and coaching can do a lot of good. It is only possible in safe places.


I need to hear a kind of call out of poverty or bad habits. I need to believe that change is possible. And I need to be given a chance to grow.


Jesus, I thank you for your invitation into 'life'. Please connect me to others who have the desire to give opportunities for new life to many.

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