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I.M. Gifted 6 Feb 2021

Few persons do not like to receive a gift. Gifted means that I have a special unique talent. My father was unusually gifted with using tools. The works of his hands were accurate. Perhaps one out of a thousand persons does have such a gift.
It is however very seldom that a gift develops without learning and a lot of practice. Typically to develop a world class talent takes 8000 hours of practice. That is roughly for 7 years each day 3 hours of hard work. And of course one need to have enough talent.

My Talents

A year ago I asked family and friends which talents they observed with me. And I was surprised with their answers. The answers came in roughly three groups:
1. Creative, analytical, prayerful and problem solving.
2. Service to others, team player, listening, friendship.
3. Faithful, persistent, eager to learn.


I believe I have spend my 8000 hours in electronics and computer programming. With electronics I may had reached a pretty good level. That was decades back in time.
Observe that nowadays no one acknowledges my skills in electronics. I can see that in my life new talents have emerged.
God gave me a variety of talents. And I seek places where I can spend my 8000 hours of practicing.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gifts of your Holy Spirit. I pray for new places where I can use my skills, preferably where the kingdom of God emerges in fresh ways.

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