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I.M. Genuine 5 Feb 2021

Genuine diamonds are of great value. When they are found in nature they may not shine at all. They need to be cut and polished. And only after that they become radiant.
Plants need pruning to become well shaped and productive.
No human character will be genuine unless it has been corrected, matured and cared for. A character needs love as well, otherwise it will not really shine.


With a genuine character, that what is seen at the outside should agree with what is inside. When I hide my true character, little by little others around will discover that I deceive them.


No human being is however perfect. And typically I mistrust people who are impeccable. If someone is just too nice to me, I doubt his or her intention. I am not blameless. Fortunately, to make someone a nice person does not require perfection. If people do however hide their true character, many will recognise such behaviour as not genuine.


Father God, please help me to accept my imperfections while still trusting that I am valuable. Please help me to open up so that my friends may know me for what I am. I allow you to purify my character little by little.

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