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I.M. Futile 2 Feb 2021

Useless things have little value. I like to throw them in the garbage so that they do not take space in my home.
When I see the little influence I have in this world, my country, my city and my neighbourhood then I feel futile. My contribution makes no difference and is not needed.
For some reason it does not come to my mind to think in such a way. My life has value.


I am loved by a god in heaven and by my wife. Would no one else love me? God commands: 'love one another' and 'love your neighbour'. Which of my neighbours would love me? Which parish members love me?
And as well the other way: 'Whom do I love actually?' Or do I treat my fellow people as futile?
Since I do not have good answers, the daily reality may be that I am part of a 'futile' society. Where we treat one another as garbage.


I am in need for things that give value and meaning to my life. I want to be part of a society where I am known and valued. I need change in my attitudes and behaviour. I need to take more risk in living out my mission. The risk is that I will be rejected regularly.
Every little attempt to love my neighbour already draws me out of futility.


God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, see my futility. Please equip me and send me out to spread love. Teach me and help me to step over my fear and shame.

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