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I.M. Furious 1 Feb 2021

When I am furious, my normal thinking stops. Something went wrong with me. Why? No good things happen when I am furious. I better take a walk and see nobody.
Because I am furious I do not calm down easily. When I return home I still like to fight about the issue which raised my anger.


When I am indignant, I am furious but now more quietly. I have been treated unfair. I will never respond to the one who caused my indignation. I will not take him serious. I revenge, I 'mentally' kill him. No one will know. I do not have to explain. Thus I am good. I did nothing wrong.
My offender has no chance to defend himself.

Damage Repair

I may explain what caused my fury and I can express that I forgive my offender. Then I can say that I am sorry for my misbehaviour.

I have been ignored.

With unimportant issues it is not worth a lot of fuss.
When I am ignored with an important issue, I need to make a second and perhaps third attempt to get a more satisfying response.
When it happens frequently that I am ignored, I need to check my motives and or the motives of the other party. I could ask for advice from others around.


Fury and ignorance hurt. Both need attention. And I believe that both need communication for an improved relationship. Otherwise I will not easily find peace with myself.
And as we are human, we will not be able to settle all disharmony.


Father God, I forgive those who have hurt me with fury or indignation. I ask you forgiveness for all the conflicts I caused and which I can no more settle. Holy Spirit, guide me with settling conflicts. And I ask as a special grace for new insights in dealing with anger and bitterness.

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