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Wake 16 Feb 2019

It is night. It is warm here. It is the Philippines. There are many people, a few dogs and a few mosquitos.

We are at the wake of our sister(-in-law) ate Vangie. The wake takes a 7 days. There are many guests. Family, relatives, friends, neighbours. Many people come from far. Some of them we have not met for many years.

some guests

We are connected.


The many visitors bring comfort to the family. Many friends from abroad send money to support in the cost of the funeral and the wake. The guests need to eat and many will stay for one or more nights and need a place to sleep.

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be the last day of the wake. On Monday morning at 7 the funeral will take place.

The wake and the mourning really brings many people together and it is a time for family and friendship bonding.

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