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Tradition 21 Feb 2019

With my journey home from the Philippines, I had a break in Korea, Incheon airport. The airport has a very nice transfer area. I had a walk around, watched an IT exhibition, played a nice piano and visited a Korean Traditional Cultural Experience Center. Now I sit at a nice table with a nice view (See picture) and a nice coffee. Nothing can spoil my Korean experience!


A view from my coffee table at Incheon Airport.


Traditions have many good things and we should keep them in honor. Traditions and habits may hinder us sometimes in doing what ought to be done.

My habits are hard to change or break. Even when I partly would like to change. The partly is because when I really wanted to change, I should do it.

When our habits are based on tradition, things can even be worse. Our traditions become an excuse for not doing what is good or needed to be done by responsible and honest persons.

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