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Separation 24 Feb 2019

Separation may look nice. In Genesis, God separated the dark from the light. And He saw that it was good.

God however did not separate man and woman. He united them. Man shall not separate what God has united.


Separation may look nice


I may like my own private space.
I may like separation from needy people.
I may like separation of my goods from the goods of others.

Separation in our refrigerator.


See how beautifully separated our refrigerator is! Top shelf for Millet; 2nd shelf for William, 3rd shelf for Leroy and finally the lowest floor is for Fajo. Everything perfectly under control!

Separating helps to know who owns which foods. But it also hurts. When my eggs are finished I can't use an egg of Leroy.

We like to relax the rules

Strict separation hinders us. We try to be flexible. Over time we have learned that is more joyful to share with one-another. And the beautiful things is that it has grown naturally. Thanks be to God.


Fajo is the newest member of our household. He has always a good mood and is very kind.

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