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Rest 2 Feb 2019

In a turbulent world we need rest. We may need sleep. We may need a Sunday or Sabbath. We may need vacation. Perhaps we even need eternal rest. The place where life is good

We need to rest from work, We need to rest from thinking. We need rest from playing. We need a rest from being busy with others. I may need rest from being busy with myself.

Place to find yourself

Time to be

Rest is the place where the turbulence stops

In this world it does not mean the end of my problems. We are haunted by devils who hate that we all have a good life.


When Adam was assigned the care for the paradise, he did not get nervous. Plants grew from itself. There was plenty to eat.

Even the wild beast, which God had created, did not swallow up men.

Still a man was assigned to care for the garden. The garden should maintain the man.

When I seek rest

I seek a place with a meaningful sustainable life for all men of good will.

Of course I am willing to work for the maintenance. I need to cooperate with God, others and nature.

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