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Pavement 12 Feb 2019

Everyday Beauty

Last Saturday I had an appointment in the city center of Eindhoven. I had to wait a 20 minutes and just took some pictures. And when you relax with your cell phone in your hand, then you see the pavement.

I saw the sun shining on the pavement. I took that picture. However just some tiles is boring. With a little digital processing, I brought some life in the tiles.

Just some street tiles

Eindhoven pavement.

When life is boring ...

I can observe it with a different view. On this world almost everything is unique. No two lives are the same. At any time in my life there is some beauty. I may miss to notice it.

  • When I open my eyes in my bed, I see Millet.
  • When I look in the mirror I may see a 63 years guy, developing some gray hairs.
  • When I look to the pavement and use my imagination, then I may see the above picture.
  • When I see my plate of food, I feel blessed.
  • When I see my computer screen at work, I remember a few work challenges.
  • When I ride my bicycle, I feel relaxed.
  • When I feel God in my heart, I feel peace.
  • When I face my sins, I realize I am human, and I seek reconcilliation.

I am thankful for life.

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