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Music 23 Feb 2019

Who does not like music? I am not a good musician. I do not know one single song by heart. I am terrible with rhythm, I make many faults. Strange enough I still do have talents in music.

a music score

Music Score

Music score

For 14 months of my life I have worked full time with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal to do the computer work for a songbook with 400+ songs with music scores. I am still very proud on that book.

Musical talents

I learned to play the piano by a friend in the military service at the age of 24. After my military service, I purchased an electronic piano. And together with two other family members, I took for one year piano lessons. Although not a good musician, I learned how to play some simple songs sounding pleasantly.

I like to play (simple) songs alternated by improvisations. Over 35 years my improvisations began to sound reasonable.

I would like to write song texts

One reason is that I am not satisfied with various texts of songs. I like to express some of my thinking in songs. And I wonder what God will stir up in my mind in the coming years.

And before I forget it:

I have a loud voice but can only sing reasonable when I play keyboard myself or when I join in singing with others.

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