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Moving 11 Feb 2019

Starting simple

At the age of 48 years I got married to Millet. And we decided to live the first time in the Philippines. There we rented a small apartment. We paid a monthly rent of roughly 50 Euro. We began without furniture.

We moved to a small apartment

Our family helped us moving in.

Little by little

Our family was very helpful. On the picture you see our first dining table. At that time the only furniture in our living room. The cost was roughly 100 Euro. We could afford to buy whatever we needed. The help and company of our family however gave our life value. This apartment has been our home for 3 years.

No work

I had no job in the Philippines. Millet still had a job with the DENR (Department of Natural Resources). So I have spent and worked quite some lonely days in our apartment. Ate Vangie and her family as our nearest family helped a lot to make me feel comfortable.

There was a lot of time to read books!

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