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Monopoly 7 Feb 2019

In my youth we really loved to play this game. It is years ago that I played the monopoly game. I am not often playing games. Actually I should enjoy to play more often some game.

one owns all rights

Monopoly, a poplar board game.

The monopoly on God

No single religion has a monopoly on God. No person can say that he owns God. If God exists, he does exist for all. Unless He would hate some of his creation.

Does God have a monopoly on me?

Satan also may try to compete God. Some of my fellow people may make attempts to rule my life. The world, all luxuries around, also appeals to me. I may have a claim on my own life.

I do have the monopoly on my own life.

Because I have a free will, no-one can control me without my consent. Nor my parents, nor my family, nor my boss, nor my (slave-)master. Not even God.

I have entrusted my life to God.

Therefor I seek the guidance of His Holy Spirit. I am not doing great in discerning. Over the years I seek:
- to act as much as possible with love and respect.
- to discern what God wants as much as possible together with others.
- to locate - as much as possible - the Kingdom of God for the here and now.

Day by day it takes a jump into the deep end.

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