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Metalized 9 Feb 2019

By times I experiment with my drawing program It is a very responsive program and it provides many nice creative features. You can find for free many plug-ins on the Internet. And by times I try a new trick.

This morning I started with producing gray clouds. Then I used a feature called metallize. And finally I converted the gray scale into color. I do have a good understanding of transformation of colours (I work professionally in colour reproduction). I can't remember what created the stars in the image. I like the result.

a metal coating

Coloured Metalized Gray Clouds


On the surface it looks great. Something like Gold plated. Shiny but not really real. In Dutch language we have a saying that speaks about a varnished layer to hide the rottenness.

Hiding my pain

On the surface I may look nice. I may show a metalized outside. I may look strong and presentable.

On the inside I may hurt (or hold other rottenness - but that is not for today). My hurt is unknown because I protect my wounds with metal shiny plating.

Not even to God I may admit my emptiness. I may be too afraid. I may have forgotten that I metalized my wounds.

The metalization does not hide completely

As in todays image, some beauty is visible. Wounds also have their beauty. My vulnerability is not just ugly. It is so very human. God likes it a lot, and He wants to see it healed. Because my inner being is made in His image. And it is not made to be hidden by a metalized plating.

And actually, I myself like to be known for what I really am. I do not like to hide.

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