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Mango 20 Feb 2019

Early in the morning I enjoyed my coffee in the yard of the Agustin family house. As I watched my environment, I noticed that there were two mango trees. The right one was bearing fruit. The left one did not. I had observed this in other years as well. I was wondering why?

two trees

The left tree did not bear fruit. The right tree did. Why?


Why? is actually a question that all healthy children raise. And frequently it is not easy to come with an answer.

Fertile period.

Most living items, whether plants, animals or humans do have a period where they are fertile. The infertile period is when too young, not yet mature or when exhausted, being too old. Blossoms (or eggs) may develop in a fertile period, but without being fertilized, no fruits will develop.

Fertilization in Christian life

As a follower of Jesus I too have a need to be 'fertilized'. Without Jesus and the Holy Spirit I can do nothing.

Therefore I ask God to fertilize me and to make me fruitful and productive for His Kingdom.

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