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Korea 15 Feb 2019

My mobile workplace

We are at Incheon, the Korean main airport. We are waiting for the boarding passes for our flight to Clark in the Philippines.

I am using the wating time to write my daily note on my website. It is quiet here. We just ate our meal. Computers are really portable by now. Who would have believed such a 40 years ago.

It is for both Millet and me the first time we visit Korea.

some equipment

We feel relaxed.

What do I know about korea?

  1. It is separated between the North and the south. I assume that the separation still causes stress.
  2. There is a fast growing number of Christian believers in South Korea.
  3. Right in front of me Samsung advertises their newest 8K QLED TV. Samsung is a competitor of Philips TV. By time it feels if Samsung is or was at war with Philips TV development.
  4. Another big brand on TV is housed here: LG.

Electronics connects me to Korea.

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