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Hospital 22 Feb 2019

We have a large family in the Philippines. Today was not a good day for our family. Early this morning five family members were residing in a hospital. Three babies under 1 year of age, a sister in law and an uncle in his nineties.

After examination by a specialist doctor, our sister in law was released. The issues was not as bad as we had feared and we thank God for that.

The main problem with the babies was asthma. Asthma is not uncommon in our family. One of the babies also was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Our uncle has a mild (?) stroke.

room of hospital

Hospital Room

Impact for the family

In the Philippines, each patient in a hospital needs a caregiver, who assist with purchasing medicines and foods. This means that our family has to provide for 24 hours per day 5 persons to support those patients. The caregiver also needs rest and sleep. The caregivers may have a job and may have to take days off, without income.

The hospitalization costs - room, doctor's fees, medicines, foods, transportation costs - are very expensive for the families with small incomes and basic insurances that only cover a smaller part of the total bills.

Love for the people

When a doctor advises hospitalization, the parents of children do not hesitate to have their children hospitalized. The same parents may be reluctant to be hospitalized themselves.
Older children do not hesitate to seek medical treatment for sick parents.

The love and care for the sick ones in the Philippines is a good example for me.

Please, pray for the needs of our family in the Philippines

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