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Evangeline 10 Feb 2019

Ate Vangie

This morning we were waked up with the message that ate Vangie had passed away quietly and still suddenly. Ate means older sister. Evangeline (Vangie) was the older sister of Millet. And she has been an older sister for me as well.

The sister of Millet

My sister-in-law

Some memories

Ate Vangie was the first one I recognized at my first arrival in the Philippines. She was a head bigger than Millet. Immediately she was very helpful to free me from some unsolicited help at the airport. It did cost her a 100 Peso. That was my welcome in the Philippines.

Manang (is Ate in the Ilocano language) Vangie was always very supportive. In the years that Millet and I lived in Manila we have seen her on most days. She has been very supportive to our household.

The sister of Millet with family

Ate Vangie with husband and son


Ate Vangie was a member of the Malaya Community and of Couples For Christ. For many years she and kuya Peter (older brother - her husband) have paticipated in small prayer meetings with other couples. For many years she has assisted many relatives and others with hospital visits. She was untiring in her care.


Ate Vangie and her family have helped greatly in letting the Philippines be a home for me. In her home we were always very welcome.


The last year of her life she struggled with sickness. She was patiently cared for by kuya Peter assisted by family and other relatives in Camiling. It was not easy. But my family in the Philippines has shown truly what the meaning and importance of family is.

We will miss you

Dear ate Vangie, we will miss you a lot. You will always remain in our memory. Thank you for everything.

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