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Electronics 13 Feb 2019

Youth Dream

When I was young I wanted to know everything about electronics. Things were a bit more complicated than my young mind could take. But little by little I learned.

some equipment

Some of my tools.


Already at the age of 6 years I built simple radio's. When I first heard amateur radio transmissions, I also wanted to get involved in amateur radio. My father as well was interested in electronics. It is clear where I got my interests from. My father was my idol.

I really liked reading magazines on electronics. But a real good understanding on electronics had to wait until I understood more about mathematics and physics. Most of my early trials to build good radio receivers failed. Nevertheless, in the process I really learned a lot about electronics.


After graduating from university I worked on Television receivers. Those were a good deal more complicated than the radio's of my youth. I really like engineering.


Over the years I also learned in computer programming. And that art has as well enriched my life.


Nowadays electronics uses tiny components, that can no more be handled with simple home tools. And I have lost a most of my interest in electronics. The equipments in my cupboards only do catch dust.

Orderly thinking

With engineering I learned to think orderly. With the projects I was involved with, I learned to make and execute plans.

I need to learn in life to do a few things very well

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