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Catch 25 Feb 2019

Selfies are not my strength. I may miss a selfie stick. It is hard to find one that works with my Windows phone. By the way, I tried to catch my shadow.

shadow of myself

Catching my shadow was hard.

My own shadow

It is only February and it is already a beautiful day with a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature in February ever measured in the Netherlands. I wanted to enjoy and I had a walk without my coat. Mayabang, would Filipino's say. That means: proud and boasting. This time I did not regret my pride.

I made various shots. I really felt clumsy. I had to face the sun, so that my front-side-camera could catch my shadow. Therefore I had to frown while facing the bright sunlight. At a fourth attempt, I at least could see my shadow.

My shadow looks like the shadow of a stature, a bit sombre and formal. Perhaps I am somewhat formal. Too often at least. So finally, still my shadow teaches me a little truth about myself.

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