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Bonding 17 Feb 2019

Simple Life

Today I met ate Emmy. One of the good friends of ate Vangie. She and others related how their lifelong friendship had been established. No majic but real life.

some guests

They got connected.

Manila 40 years back.

The families of ate Vangie and ate Emmy and various other families shared a compound. They had very basic apartments. They could not afford more at that time. Some people say they only had one shared toilet (Conveneience Room as it is said in the Philippines). And that shared toilet was even outside of the building.

The children of the various families grew up together. The parents really lived together, I assume quite a hard life.

When the families could afford it, they purchased their own houses and they moved out of the compound.

After 40 years ...

The owner of the compound organized a reunion. Every family that had lived in the compound showed up - as far as they could.

Many of their friendships lasted till today.

It is easier to develop community with the poor.

Perhaps the rich are too busy to care for and to protect their properties.

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