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Archive 1 Feb 2019

Archives are useful to store information. So is our mind. What would we be without a mind and without memories?

Organized and forgotten

Once we organize the information in an archive, then we can stop thinking about the issues. When really needed, we can look back in our archive.

Place to store information

Orderly archive

Unorganized and unforgotten.

Much in my mind is unorganized. Memories may be somewhat chaotic. Some painful memories never have been processed well. And if so, they keep me busy. By times they show up in my awareness. I may feel confused and or painful. Actually I do not like to think about long ago issues.


I need to care for those memories. Perhaps I need to live through the pain. I have to make effort to accept things from my past, so that I can smile about them.

Perhaps I need to reconsider unfriendly thoughts about other persons I have met in my life. I do not like to be a victim of angry memories from a long ago past.

I like to organize my archive, so that it can be closed and come to a rest. And in such a way that I value my memories.

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