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Amsterdam 4 Feb 2019


Amsterdam is certainly a colourful city. You may find people and churches coming from all nations of the world.

With Millet's first visit to Amsterdam we went to Madam Tussaud's where we had been photographed together with the images of many famous people. It was fun. In one of the dark rooms Millet screamed indeed.

capital Netherlands

Amsterdam, the number one (in)famous Dutch city.

City of evil?

Which big city does not host many sinful things? Which life does not host sins?

Is Amsterdam worse than other cities? Is my life worse than other lives?

Wrong questions

When I compare myself with others, usually I am excusing myself.

It also may be unwise to wonder what others think about me.

I know what I am ashamed about. I know where I fall short. I know a few things where I am lazy. I know some of my fears.

Face it

Amsterdam has many good things. I have many good things. Good things need to be maintained and cared for. All good things can be improved. In healthy communities I am allowed and assisted to grow.

In healthy communities there can be screams of victory.

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