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Matthew 5:6. Uprightness 24 Dec 2022

Mat 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for uprightness: they shall have their fill.

What a beautiful expression. Uprightness? It is about being honest and just. Often it is easy to be honest and upright. Sometimes however, there is a price to be paid for being honest and just. Two little examples.

It is not easy to admit my faults and shortcomings. When I need to admit them, I am fearful for rejection and criticism. The strange thing is that with doing so, I am rejecting myself. I am showing my lack of worthiness. Only when I lay down my pride, which hurts a short while, I find freedom and healthy relationships. My desire for uprightness needs to be trained. I need to prepare myself with some fasting, purposely preparing and strengthening myself.

So many on this world suffer from hunger and thirst. When I do not know hunger and thirst, how can I be upright? I need to acknowledge the needs of myself and others. Therefor I need to familiarize myself with basic needs of people. I need to experience myself the things where others long for my support.


Holy Spirit, connect me to the needs of those around. When I need to experience hunger, thirst or loneliness, teach me honest uprightness.

Self Evaluation

Since my uprightness lacks effectiveness, perhaps I need to 'hunger and thirst.'


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