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Matthew 4:11. End of Tests 11 Dec 2022

Mat 4:11 Then the devil left him, and suddenly angels appeared and looked after him.

The devil had brought Him on a very high mountain. Perhaps it was cold and lonely, and with certainly no foods available. Where would have been that mountain where you could see all the kingdoms of the world? Perhaps a spiritual mountain. A place where both the devil and angels where present. They 'battled' about the human Jesus.

Jesus had made a spiritual victory over the devil. Not so much in fighting. Perhaps more in resisting. The resisting used the word of God. Strange enough Jesus was as well attacked with words of God. Those words were however not used to honor God. They were used to address honor and service to the devil.
Thus the question is often: to whom am I paying tribute, and whom am I serving.


Father God, teach me how to resist the devil and how to open doors for angels looking after me.

Self Evaluation

Today I feel a call to take more responsibility in doing good works. I should not spend my time in debating and waiting.

Third Test

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