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Matthew 5:8. Pure 26 Dec 2022

Mat 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: they shall see God.

In the old testament, few people have faced God. I know about three, apart from some more who have faced the angel of God. Adam and Eve, and then many centuries later Moses.

This morning I read in a book of Meir Shalev (In den beginne) about the drama of Abraham and his son Isaac. God spoke to Abraham: 'Offer to your beloved son.' Abraham obeyed. Finally, the sacrificing of the son did not happen. The author of the book argues that this brute obedience of Abraham may have separated him from both his son and his wife.
Abraham, the man of faith, paid a high and painful price for listening to and obeying God.

This I know, the pure in heart can be hurt with seeing God.


Jesus, I want to know you. Have mercy on me.

Self Evaluation

I agree that my motives for willing to see God, are not always pure.


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