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Matthew 5:7. Merciful 25 Dec 2022

Mat 5:7 Blessed are the merciful: they shall have mercy shown them.

It is for sure that I am not always merciful. By times, I like quick results and I become merciless.

Fortunately that does not mean that I am full of hate. I may hurt someone around me and I may hurt myself. I can say a 'sorry' and I can have mercy with myself. I am human.
When I however repeat my faults on and on, what then? Clearly I still need mercy. I need to find out what I am telling myself. E.g. When I do not finish my work on time, I will be a failure forever. Frequently my boss has more mercy with me, than I have with myself. And I should observe that. For when mercy is shown to me, perhaps I as well am merciful, at least by times. Merry Christmas.


Jesus, thanks for your mercy shown to me.

Self Evaluation

I need to accept - in depth - that I do not need to be perfect to deserve mercy.


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