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I.M. Settled 31 Dec 2021

Nothing in my life is settled till I die. Life is ongoing. It is not about being seated and moving no more. To settle is about reaching stability. That is not (yet?) one of my life goals.


The chair in the picture is in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva. The UN knows pretty well that peace in this world has not yet settled. Despite all modern technology, settling peace seems to become harder and harder.

Settled Church

In the previous century (before 1960), the church in the Netherlands appeared to be settled. In the sixties many believers had left the church or had become unbelievers.
No wonder with a 'settled' church. In my church I was only supposed to attend Sunday mass. During my teenager and young adult years, there was no teaching or formation in my church. No wonder that my generation felt settled and finished with the churches.
Did it improve? A little. It is still hard to use (my, and whatever they may be) gifts of the Spirit and talents in the church. I am mainly invited for maintenance tasks in the organization. My interest is to set people free for a truly satisfying life. They should be helped to use their energy in building the kingdom of God. They should not settle in the 'world', with depression, pains, unresolved conflicts and ineffectiveness.
I am aware, just as with the UN, that we can't solve every problem or conflict in this world. Nevertheless, I would not like to settle but to battle.


Father God, today I pray for peace in this world. I also pray that the church in the Netherlands will not settle with its present state. I ask for new life for many.

Huge chair before UN building in Geneva

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