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I.M. Serious 29 Dec 2021

It sounds pretty serious to say that I am serious. And by times I am certainly too serious. I may talk way too much about my favorite subjects. And usually that causes trouble. Because when I talk too much, I forget the purpose of my speaking. I forget to connect to the person or group to whom I talk. I loose the focus of what I really want. In sales terms, I will no more be able to close a deal with my prospect (potential customer).

Am I selling?

Sure enough, I try to sell my ideas. Unfortunately, I am not a great salesman or teacher. They prepare their communications.
A teacher prepares his lesson. He will simplify the subject a little. So that he can transfer the principles. He will not raise up too many details, because then the students will get confused. A good teacher gets feedback. He ask questions and gives exercises to verify that the lesson is really learned.
A salesman may prepare a script how he is going to connect to the customer. And a good salesman will make sure that he will not loose focus. He prepares himself for correcting the conversation when things run off track.


I need to defend myself against stupid failures. Yes I am great in making always the same mistakes. I can prepare scripts for good communication to my counterparts. I need to seek opportunities to speak complex messages in the right tone and with appropriate body language. Only than I will not run off track and get lost in the nowhere.


Holy Spirit, I ask you for a salesman's gift and the gift of teaching. I also like the gift of humor.

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