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I.M. Separated 28 Dec 2021

There are simple and effective tools to separate an egg yolk from the egg white. Assume that my body would be separated from my soul. What would be left? Please permit me being a bit lazy today. I just skip the question. That is because I prefer to live in the here and now. And I do not like to let my soul leaving. I want my soul to be free. Free of depression and anxieties. I'd love to say goodbye to such things.

Separating Thoughts

Psychologists believe that how I feel (over a longer time) is caused by what I think and what I believe. I am interested if I could separate the bad thoughts and get rid of them. Would there be tools like the egg yolk separator.
"Yes", the answer is "yes", there are such tools.


When I feel bad, I need to set time apart for evaluation. Take a pen and paper. Write down briefly the event that bothered you. Typically you can't stop thinking about it. Write down some of the emotions you feel. It helps to have a list with some (30) emotions. Then for each emotion, try to write down what you are actually thinking. Those thoughts will usually be negative. The negative thoughts are weird, exaggerated, unrealistic assumptions, ignoring may other (good) things. Now correct those thoughts to more realistic proportions, make them smaller.
This is named psycho-therapy homework.

Act or Avoid

Separate the bad from the healthy. It sounds simple.
Now there are two kind of persons, separated by the work they are willing to do themselves. Those who do this psycho-therapeutic homework will find serious relief in their depression and anxieties. Those who reject the homework will not change (or learn).

When I refuse to separate the bad from the good, I will keep the bad.


Holy Spirit, I ask you the gift of discernment.

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