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I.M. Sentimental 27 Dec 2021

It must have been in 1979 or perhaps in the year before. I learned to play my first song on a piano. I was as a conscript in the Military Service. In our lunch-breaks Karol, a sergeant in our company, used to play some piano. And he instructed me. The song I was taught was named: "Sentimental Journey." That was a turning point in my life. Although not a great musician, playing some music on a keyboard has been an element in half of my days.


The song starts with, "I am gonna take a sentimental journey." And truly the journey of my life has been full of sentiments. The sentiments and emotions during my journey have colored my life. And still the journey is not ended. I like to travel into more new sentiments.


Father God, please send me. For Your purposes. Holy Spirit, guide me during the journey. Open my mind for new music, new sentiments and new experiences.

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