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I.M. Sensitive 26 Dec 2021

A sensitive man respects a feast day. In the Netherlands Christmas, a major Christian feast, is celebrated over two days. I am not supposed to work hard. Thus I had some extra time to read a book. I read from "The way of the wolf" by Jordan Belfort. A book about selling. I learned an important lesson.

Qualifying Prospect

First, in sales language a prospect is just a potential buyer. Would a sales person spend equally much effort in every customer? The answer is of course, "No." Jordan Belfort states:
"A qualifying customer needs what you are selling and can afford to pay for it." Talking with others is a waste of time from the point of the salesman. It makes sense, isn't it?

Selling Community

For thirty five years I tried to sell the idea of 'Christian Community' to the Catholic Church. Never did I ask those two simple questions:
1. Does the church or a parish really want a community?
2. Is the church or the parish willing to pay the price for a community?

The answer to those questions is, as far as I can see, a plain: "No and no." Thus trying to sell 'community' to a parish is insensitive.

Other Product

I could however try to sell the services of a community to the church. Such products could be free (without financial charge):
- Teaching.
- Coaching.
- Counseling.
- Team-building.
- Laborers.

The difference is that for such products I might be able to find a parish as a customer. It is a matter of sensitive communication.


Holy Spirit, teach me to communicate in sensitive ways to potential customers of my services and products.

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