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I.M. Sensational 25 Dec 2021

Usually I am pretty normal. Far from being any kind of sensation. I am however human as well. By times, I like to be seen. There are certainly times when I seek the attention of others. And I realize that by times others may be annoyed with my behavior.

Short Life

Sensations usually do not live very long. Just like a firework. Noisy and flashy. And soon forgotten. When I seek sensations, surely they can be found. Things of beauty and things of great taste are easy to purchase for money. Sure enough, I am attracted by such things. They may be addictive. Seeking sensations gives short satisfaction and long disappointment afterwards.
Truly beautiful things, usually without intense sensations, will give a much more lasting satisfaction.

Hidden God

Seeking a sensational God or expecting continuously miracles from God, in the same way, will leave me disappointed.
And it is perhaps therefore that He shows himself in humility. His grace works in hidden ways. So that it can give a long lasting satisfaction.
Merry Christmas.


Jesus Christ, thanks for your quiet and humble ways. Your love endures forever. You are truly sensational.

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