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I.M. Senile 24 Dec 2021

Senile speaks about aging defects. Since I am already 66 years old, I must be in the process of becoming senile. Seeking a suitable picture for senile was not easy. Thus I looked for 'unwise' and finally 'wise'. The wise men followed a star. They were led by insight. Not by their senile stubbornness. They were curious. And they made the effort to make a long journey. When they lacked wisdom they went to king Herod, who on his turn as well asked the wise men of Israel.


May I say that stubbornness precedes or is a a sign of being senile? Could it be that inflexibility is a sign of senile-ness. That leaves the question: 'What leads me in life?'
- I need money.
- I need a big car.
- I want to stay secure.
- I desire a movie star as girl friend.

No one asks me. But when such things lead me, perhaps I am senile.
I am not led by healthy dreams. I am not led on a path of justice. I am on the path of "it-is-never-enough" or "I-can't-move-from-where-I-am."

I love and admire those three mysterious kings. They were led by a bright adventurous star and they had courage to ask advice and listen to their dreams.


Jesus Christ, I ask you for signs in my life which invite me to journey. Please grant me an intense desire, stronger than my fears. When I need to be senile, then that is fine.

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