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I.M. Self Love 21 Dec 2021

In my simple thinking one person loves another person. Love needs a lover and a beloved. And since love is not just a feeling, it needs an action. Love expresses care and protection. Love expresses respect and value.
Can I love myself? Do I need to love myself?
God commands: "Love me and love your neighbor as yourself." What if I do not love myself?

An Attempt

When I relate to no other person, my heart will be empty. When I only love myself, I hate the world. I do need healthy connection. Love is about relationship. When I can't relate to my own needs, I do have a problem. I am destroying my own life. Perhaps just little by little.

My Needs

Theologians and Psychologists have considered this question. Theologians may say that I need God. Psychologists may say that I need food, security and perhaps purpose and love.
In the bible Jesus Christ says, "I am the bread of life", and at another place, "God is love."

For the believer the difference could be small. Anyone has needs, and if not cared for, the person will die.
For me it is simple. I do need love. I hope to receive it from God and from fellow people. I am interested in doing my share. To love God and others. Honestly speaking, for me, to love others is harder than to live in self-indulgence. I desire to learn however. For it brings joy, connection and fulfillment.


Jesus Christ, teach me how to love whatever needs to be loved.

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