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I.M. Selfless 23 Dec 2021

First, I admit that I would love to grow in selflessness for various reasons. Because I am more egoistic than I like to admit. Despite my desire and pressures from well meaning people around, I need to be myself. I can't be different. Whatever that self is, I believe there is great value in it. Even when that 'self' has some faults and shortcomings.
Let me just do a little wordplay.

No Heart

Imagine, I cut the heart out of myself. Just imagine the black hole. My self has gone, totally selfless. No more faults. No more pain.
Everyone sees that I have no heart. He walks. He moves around. Who is he? He is just a stranger. He is nobody.

A New Heart

If I were God and I find a heart with lots of place, an inviting place, where no evil resides, where no money or desire of the world rules. What would I do?
I tell you: I would love to stay in such a place, even when nobody can see me. I will fill that place with my goodness. And that person will live.


Jesus Christ, help me to empty my heart in favor of you.

I on a chair with a hole where my heart should be.

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