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I.M. Self Disciplined 19 Dec 2021

Almost a life time ago I served in the army. I was under military discipline. Sure enough I learned a few things. For instance, not to point my gun to the shooting instructor when he talked to me. Sometimes I need to be disciplined instead of polite. In my army time, I was as well disciplined in drinking beers in the evening. That discipline ended when I left the army. I had however gained 10 kg in weight during my 16 months army service.


As shown above, discipline may be forced. Although discipline is useful and often helpful, it may have unwanted side effects. It as well can hinder change of behavior.
Why should I discipline myself? I need to wake up in the morning. It helps me not to procrastinate. I believe that it is as well important to discipline myself in having enough rest. For me, discipline is a means to take the responsibility to get important things done. Should I discipline myself? That sounds as a punishment. Although without discipline, I am easily distracted.


Holy Spirit, teach me the discipline to pray and help me with the distractions.

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