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I.M. Self Destructive 18 Dec 2021

Seeing the volcano picture reminds me to my bursts of anger. Are they just past? Unfortunately not. Although I am somewhat more in control over my anger than 30 years ago, once a year I may have a volcanic outburst. It hurts myself and others around. I do not like it. It is ineffective.
Nevertheless, over the years, I can accept my humanity and imperfections. They are a part of my life. Perhaps it is inappropriate, I can't help it, but or and, I can find value in my self-destructive behavior.


I can appreciate that there are ways to express my frustration. And incidentally, I hope very seldom, it may hurt someone else. Yes, that is a bit destructive.

There are things that need to be brought to an end. Destruction may be a tool for that. I may destroy something to make place for the new. It may require courage and/or pain to come to the place where I want to give up the old.
Only then I am able to start a fresh new thing.


Holy Spirit, teach me what I need to give up. Give me courage to destroy what hinders me.

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