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I.M. Selecting 15 Dec 2021

The younger generation may not be used to the old-fashioned analog radio tuning. That is the selection of a radio station. I agree with them, why did they make it so complicated in the past? You just talk a few words to your xPhone and you can hear whatever you like. Alas, the Internet is not free of lies and intimidation.

Tuning In

Most people tune in to what they like to hear. The Internet holds any possible opinion in this world. How am I going to select what is true or what are lies. Actually, selecting and tuning have become more complicated than with the old fashioned radio. Who is going to help?

I, said the Fool

Unfortunately it is I myself who needs to figure out what is correct and what not. It takes a lot of experience. I will not always be correct in my conclusions. The truth of things can be found only little by little. And frequently only years later I may find out about my faulty conclusions.
How great. I am never done with learning. And my learning needs a lot of sifting, selecting and tuning.


Holy Spirit, teach me discernment.

My old fashioned radio.

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