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I.M. Selected 14 Dec 2021

My cell (see picture) is marked with a color. I am selected. Perhaps I am selected to be released or I am selected to be executed. Being selected may bring more uncertainty than I like. I may need to perform and I may fail. Selection puts the focus on me. Something is going to happen.

Out of Focus

With Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. He got all the focus in the year 0 AD. God was smart. The focus just went to a baby. No-one would notice.
Alas, soon after his birth the persecution of king Herod began. His family fled to Egypt, out of the focus. Only after many years his parents dared to return to their homeland. Not even to their home city. They moved to a very quiet place, Nazareth. Far from the attention of the Jerusalem hierarchy. The anointed-selected one had a quiet life till He became 30 years of age.

In the Spotlight

Usually when Jesus came in the focus, He was criticized. The faith of all prophets. He did not complain. For He is the light of the world. It should not be hidden. It must shine. It however takes a lot of strength to stand in the spotlight.


Jesus, I thank you for your willingness to be the chosen One and for having paid the price for my redemption.

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