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I.M. Seized 13 Dec 2021

I have been staying in Portugal. First in Sesimbra and then in Lisbon. In both places the seagulls are abundantly present. They do know how to seize their prey.
By times I feel like being a prey to some other people. That may happen when I feel criticized.


Of course when I talk to a person he does not have to agree with me. Nevertheless, when I hear the responses of others to my ideas, I feel easily seized by their words. Judged could be another word. What would this person think about me? The fear cripples me. As if I am a prey. And that is not fair to a person who listens to me. When someone is willing to listen to me, on my turn I am as well obliged to listen to the other person. I should not victimize myself. I should not let myself be intimidated without any reasonable proof that a person is against me.


Jesus, you are invited to seize me for your purposes.
I am willing to listen to the discernments (comments) of others. Usually people around me do have a lot of wisdom.

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