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I.M. Seeking 12 Dec 2021

Some people are afraid of questions and not knowing answers. When facing an examination, that is understandable. For some unknown reason I love questions and not knowing all the answers does not hinder me. The questions may be my way to explore new opportunities.

Not Questioning

I limit my questioning. I refuse to ask things like, "How was God created" and "What age will I reach?"
I only ask things that I can deal with. I can not comprehend what a god-creator might look like in the time before he created an immense universe. I do not even want to know my future possibly negative experience. Most probably it will never happen.
Still some people or perhaps the Holy Spirit have spoken interesting things about my future. Such a thing might be named "calling". I am invited to work on some things in the future. But at this moment, that should only give me hope and it should not make me nervous or fearful.
Today has enough struggle with the here and now. And I am supposed to enjoy my days. Even when I can't do great or important things today. I am God's child. I am loved and valued. That love, God has ingrained deeply in my heart, so that I do not have to seek.


Jesus, show your love to all seekers.


B.t.w. I found God's love in the desire to learn to love Him. I asked (often) for his help to learn what I did not know how to do from myself. I did not know how to love God.

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