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I.M. Seduced 11 Dec 2021

It is in Portugal near Lisbon. It is 8 in the morning. I am at the 4th floor in an apartment with a view over the river/ocean. The sun shines and I hear the sound of the waves at the beach four floors lower. I could go on for a while with sharing my blessings. I am seduced not to go home to the cold Netherlands.


It is interesting how smells can produce intense sensations. And the sensations can connect in the mind easily with strong memories. Some smart people have figured out that intense smells can change the state of how I feel. And how I feel makes a big difference in life.
That may explain why luxury smells are so expensive.


Disgusting smells of course turn off people. I suspect that I ignore the importance of smell often. Would I have bad memories about smell? Perhaps smells from my childhood?


Jesus, what is the smell of your Holy Spirit? What is the smell of his anointing?

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