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I.M. Secure 10 Dec 2021

Which persons would be totally secure in any circumstance? Sure enough I can watch over my security by avoiding all kind of things. It goes at the cost of freedom and pleasure. To enjoy life more, I need to trust more.


When I trust, life gets easier. I need to learn to trust. I need to experiment. That includes giving others the opportunity to break my trust. It is a paradox. For being trusted, I need to trust as well. For being loved, I need to love as well. It is not a matter of trading. Thing as love and trust are mutual.


Even God came to earth in a human form, Jesus Christ. In no other way we could perhaps learn to trust Him. He came as an equal. He took the risk of giving up his security in a for humans abstract heaven.


Jesus, teach me to trust life more. Help me giving up my impractical securities.

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