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I.M. Second Class 9 Dec 2021

Dutch trains have a First Class and a Second Class section. The first class has more luxury seats and is more expensive. Most societies have class differences. Rich people, rulers and poor people. Education and birth may influence ones position. Large organizations and communities (1000+ persons) may have a need for organization and leadership. It may hurt being 'second class.'


Smaller communities may have simple structures. They however may struggle with existing over a longer period of time. A few days ago I read about a new trend of small Christian communities in the Netherlands. They typically have numbers below 50. Interesting is that the age of the members is below 45. Next typically the members only stay for a number of years (e.g. 5.) Such a community may provide a place to live. It is not easy to find a house or apartment in the Netherlands.
In my opinion, such a community is not really mature. It does not provide a place for older people. They appear to be 'second class.'


Jesus, teach me about community structure. As much as possible, help us to avoid 'classes.'

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