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I.M. Scattered 7 Dec 2021

My attention or the location were I am are divided over various places. It may affect my effectiveness.


It has consequences when I travel a lot and stay at all kind of scattered locations for a while. It will be hard to participate in regular activities in my hometown. I like to be involved in a local community.
Only staying short at a location makes it hard to connect in a meaningful way to the people at that place.

Nevertheless, there may be advantages with short period visits. I have worked with customers in Taiwan. And a permanent residence would not have been easy. Learning a new language and new cultures takes a lot of effort.

Friends and Activities

I am not good in scattering my attention over many friends. I can only spend quality time with a few. When I relate to too may persons the quality of my tasks and work suffers.


When involved with too many different things, my peace of mind leaves me. I certainly will feel scattered.


Jesus, master of peace, guide and protect me. Set me free for the burdens which you give me.

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