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I.M. Scared 6 Dec 2021

Some dogs are scary. Among the things I am scared of is doing things disliked by others. The others include family, bosses and friends. It is scary to do things which others disapprove.
It raises the question if there are things I would desire to do and which I disapprove myself.


Of course I am scared to give up my certainties or my safety. I may like to live in a warmer country. I may desire to visit some new (Christian) communities. I would like to complain a lot, but I now it does not build friendships. Yes, often there is a "but."


A new word? Just the multiple of but. Sure, for every new thing to do, there are objections. Perhaps it is a good idea to reduce the length of my but-list to a maximum of 2 or 3. And if the buts are not too bad, perhaps I do not have a valid excuse for some new challenges in my life.
I am prepared to accept some failures. Over the years I have learned to smile about mistakes. For some reason smiles scare away fear.


Holy Spirit, please make me aware of my fears. For they kill my joy.

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